Global Institute of Finance and Management Studies is an official registration and examination center for the American Academy of Finance and Management in Ghana.

In 2016, the American Academy of Finance and Management sanctioned the Global Institute of Finance and Management studies to be the Ghana chapter for its tuition and examination across all levels of its certifications.

AAFM certificates are recognized in over 150 countries including the Ghana government.

AAFM/GAFM is listed in the US Department of education handbook and also has an affiliation with some of the world-leading accreditation agencies such as the Council of Higher Education Accreditation CHEA, Accreditation Council for Business Schools, and Programs ACBSP, European Education Association, etc.

Global Institute of Finance and Management studies engage highly qualified individuals such as Professors, Doctors, Directors, Managers, and Individuals from recognized institutions as a tutors for those who will like to attend our classes.

AAFM/GAFM Certifications are globally accepted for career advancement and further studies in any university worldwide.

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Below is the excerpt of our Authorization Letter from the Global Academy of Finance and Management

It is therefore with great pleasure that the IBS and GAFM® Board and Accreditation Council confirm the alliance with the Global Institute of Finance and Management Studies as a qualified trainer and nominator for Certifications of professionals in the region. Therefore, the Global Institute of Finance and Management Studies is hereby accredited as a certification education provider for IBS to offer various certifications to graduates including our CWM, MFP, MPM, CTEP, AFA, or our other Designations. Please note that the Global Institute of Finance and Management Studies has the authority to promote and provide all GAFM and AAFM ® executive certification training programs with consent from GAFM®, any other post-nominal graduate finance and management related programs resulting from the Academy ™ & International Board of Standards in conjunction with the agreement. Accreditation - Our Certification Standards Board is ESQ Accredited and ISO 9001 Certified for Quality and ISO 21001 Certified for Educational Standards. The IBS/GAFM/AAFM is also recognized by the CHEA Council of Higher Education Quality Group’s Standards Compact and approved Sanctioned by the Arab Academy for over 20 Arab Nations. Our board certifications are acceptable in legal usage under the Ibanez and Peel Supreme Court decisions in the USA and listed in the US Dept of Education Guides for Certifications.

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Examinations are taken three times a year, mainly, April, August, and December.


· Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)

· US Department of Education

. International Board of Standards

· Accreditation Standards for Certification

· Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs

· Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

. Royal Society of Fellows Board of Standards

· National Business Education Association

· Ghana Government Training Recognition

· Federal Authority for Government Human Resources

· European Education Association

· Institute for Credentialing Quality Management Professional Member

· National Standards Institute for Business School Certification

· International Society Business Education

· United Nations Civil Society Registry

· National Certification Body - Government Recognition Indonesia

· Accredited Training – Bildungs norm ISO 29990 Certified for Training

· National Industrial Training Authority –Kenya

· Certified - Accredited Quality Management Program

· TUV Accredited in Europe

· Wealth Management Institute - Hong Kong

· Society of Professional Engineers France.

· Government Securities Regulators and Arab Union of Security

· Society of Professional Engineers UK

· Singapore Engineering Institute Technology

· National Organization for Competency Assurance

· Arab Academy of Banking and Financial Sciences

· Pearson Education VUE Exam Center Global Distribution Alliance

· European Union Transparency Registry

· International Organization for Quality Management

· Association of Certified Chartered Economists

· Thomson Reuters Training Accreditation Alliance

· National Capacity Building Secretariat – Rwanda

· Partnership with the CFMA China Finance & Management

· French Engineering Society

USA Head Office Address

Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM)

PO Box 293

1670 East Cheyenne MTN, BLVD

Colorado Springs CO 80906


Ghana Office Address

GAFM Official Registration & Examination Centre in Ghana

Global Institute of Finance and Management Studies

PO Box 1270

Teshie Nungua Estate

Accra- Ghana


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