In other to meet GAFM’s Membership requirements you must have:

Completed the Professional Ethics module. If you registered before 1 January 2021, you will have transferred over to the GAFM Qualification and will not be required to complete the Professional Ethics module. However, GAFM strongly recommends that you do.

GAFM will already hold information relating to your progress toward achieving the PER components for membership if you have been updating your My Experience record. 

Please indicate here if you have completed all or your most recent experience for membership with a Gold or Platinum level GAFM Approved Employer – trainee development. Please provide details of your employer below including the name of the GAFM Approved Employer primary contact* or your workplace mentor. The GAFM Approved Employer primary contact or your workplace mentor will receive an email requesting confirmation of your eligibility to claim the performance objective exemption. If you cannot provide an email address for your GAFM Approved Employer primary contact or your workplace mentor, please provide a letter from them confirming:

your dates of employment


you have followed the organisation’s performance management and appraisal processes


you have achieved the level of competence required for GAFM membership, and


the consent to your claim of the performance objective exemption.


*  This is the person nominated by your employer to be the main point of contact for all matters concerning its GAFM Approved Employer status.