"Fellow Qualification from Global Academy of Finance and Management is a true reflection of your preparedness to lead."

If you are a technically-minded or experienced financial and managerial professional, seeking to become the go-to person in your area of expertise, then our Fellow Certifications are for you. Fellow Certificate candidates should have a strong grasp of the subject matter at our Fellow Certification level


Fellow Financial Accounting

Fellow Management Accounting

Fellow Banking and Finance

Fellow Marketing

Fellow Public Administration

Fellow Human Resources Management

Fellow Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Fellow Shipping and Logistics

Fellow Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Fellow Economics

Fellow International Business

Fellow Insurance Professional

Fellow Communication Practitioner

Fellow Public Financial Management Accounting

Fellow Project Management

Fellow Risk Management

Fellow Occupational Health and Safety Management

Fellow Wealth Management

Fellow Operational Risk Management

Fellow Anti Money Laundering

Fellow Compliance Practitioner

Fellow Security Management

Fellow Pension Management

Fellow Public Relation Officer

Fellow Leadership and Governance

Fellow Treasury Professional

Fellow Financial Crime

Fellow Digital Marketing Practitioner

Fellow Investment Banking Analyst

Fellow Oil and Gas Management

Fellow Business Administration

We believe that all members of our Academy should aspire to become Fellows. It is the second-highest status conferred by the Academy upon individuals who have distinguished themselves in their careers. To be elected a Fellow you must be considered by our Board of Trustees to have made a significant contribution to your industry and to the objectives of the Academy.

Like all members, our Fellows demonstrate a commitment to continuing professional development and must abide by our Code of Professional Conduct. Fellows are expected to act as role models and mentors for others in the profession, as champions of their industry professionalism, and as ambassadors for the academy and wider industry profession.

You can recognize one of our Fellows through their use of the designatory letters. Example FE.B after their name, and those qualified as such, may use the professional designation Fellow Banker.

Applications are considered twice per year, with closing dates in March and September. We have adopted a cohort approach, and individuals within the same cohort will benefit from networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities. More information on the application process and eligibility requirements can be found below.

Eligibility requirements

All candidates should be experienced industry practitioners and must have ten years' experience to be eligible for Fellowship.

Candidates must hold or attain Chartered status and have made a significant contribution to the work of the academy and their profession. They must also demonstrate an ongoing commitment to continuing professional development and act as a role model and mentor to others in the profession.

Attaining Chartered status requires completion of an advanced professional qualification recognized by the academy, which includes the study of professionalism and ethics.

Fast-track to Fellowship

For experienced professionals who do not hold Chartered qualification status but would otherwise meet the criteria for Fellowship, we offer a fast-track route. Candidates who are eligible for our Chartered Designation by Experience qualification will be considered for Fellowship and, if approved, may be awarded Fellowship on condition of completing the qualification. The Academy’s Board of Trustees may also, at its discretion, recognize and recommend additional pathways to meet the qualification requirement.


Election to Fellowship is a mark of achievement and success. It is also an expectation of service. The role of a Fellow is to contribute, in whatever way they are able, to promoting and achieving the aims and objectives of the academy. This contribution should include the encouragement of colleagues to become professionally qualified and engaged as members of the academy.

We ask that our Fellows:

  • are active advocates, promoting the academy whenever and wherever the opportunity arises;

  • mentor, encourage and support other members of the academy and the wider GAFM Members;

  • encourage others to professionally qualify with the Academy, and help to develop and nurture them during their careers; and

  • support our work through active participation, involvement, and willing advice.

Fellowship is about promoting the high ethical, professional, and technical standards needed to rebuild public confidence and trust in their industry and growing the academy so our influence and expertise make a positive difference to the culture of the industry you work.

The application process

  • Applications for Fellowship should be submitted to the academy on the appropriate online form/ hard copy, accompanied by a current CV. All nominations require a proposer and seconder who, if requested, would be willing to provide a reference that the candidate meets the requirements for Fellowship. These may be existing Fellows of the Institute, or individuals who have known the candidate in a business or education capacity for at least two years. This could include appropriate representatives of their industry organizations or a current/former employer.

  • We will provide support at the outset by appointing a current Fellow of the academy (as a ‘mentor’) to consider applications on a one-to-one basis with candidates and discuss what it means to be a Fellow. They will either support the candidate’s application to join the current cohort or provide constructive feedback as to why they can’t support this at the current time. If they can’t support the application, it might be that the candidate needs to consider whether Fellowship is the right choice for them or reapply at a later date.

  • Candidates who progress from the first stage will be asked to submit a short (2-3 minute) video ‘pitch’. The candidates’ pitches, along with their application forms and CVs, will be reviewed by the Academy Nominations Committee and members of the Academy’s Leadership Team. NB: in some circumstances, an interview with a candidate may be requested, for example, if further information is needed. Following this, candidates who are recommended for Fellowship will be considered for final approval by the Institute’s Board of Trustees.


  • Have at least 10 years of business experience, including 5 years of relevant industry services experience;

  • Want recognition for their expertise, experience, and contribution to their industry;

  • Aim to meet current and emerging regulatory requirements for the demonstration of high professional standards; and

  • Seek an accelerated, flexible yet rigorous route to Chartered status.