Accredited Financial Analyst AFA

Accredited Management Accountant AMA

Accredited Management Consultant AMC

Master Management Consultant MMC

Master Financial Planner MFP

Registered Business Analyst RBA

Master Project Manager MPM

Master Compliance Professional MCP

Master Certified Fintech Professional MFP

Master Blockchain Professional MBP

Registered Financial Specialist RFS

Financial Analyst Designate FAD

Master Financial Accountant MFA

Master Professional Auditor MPA

Master Treasury Professional MTP

Master Financial Modeling Specialist MFMS

Master Project Manager – Legal Analyst MPM

Master Financial Controller MFC

Registered Financial Analyst RFA

Registered Wealth Manager RWM

Talent Management Best Practice Certification TMBP

Accredited Investment Manager AIM

Master Financial Planner MFP

Master Compliance Analyst MCA

Master Project Planner MPP

Master Leadership and Governance MLG

Master Contract Manager MCM

Master HR Manager Certification MHRM

Master Certified Fintech Professional MFP

Accredited Supply Chain Management CSSM

Certified Master of Business Communication CMBC